Web Design & Development

Great website design and development is important if your internet marketing strategy is to succeed. A website can no longer be a simple online version of your brochure, it needs to be dynamically and intuitively designed to encourage visitors to engage with your business.

Your website needs to be an effective tool that generates leads for your business. Your website needs to be designed with the visitor, their needs and their expectations in mind in order to create a better user experience. A great user experience is important for your website to be successful at generating leads.

We can help you by designing and developing a website that will help your business grow, provide the functionality and experience your visitors will enjoy and help search engines find and index you easily. This is done by looking at the following aspects when planning and executing a website design and build project.

Website Design & Layout

Balance exceptional design with functionality, ensuring that your website not only looks great but also presents content in a clear way that is easy to read. You need to consider user experience and how they would interact with your website, navigating from page to page. User site testing can be a great way to test how your audience would enjoy visiting and engaging with your website. Feedback from these tests can help optimise the user experience and from that, increase conversion rates.

Websites That Respond To Mobile Devices

With the increase of mobile devices being used to access websites and search engines dropping listings for mobile unfriendly websites, make sure that your website will respond to the screen size of the device being used by your visitors.

User Friendly Content Management System

Content is, after all, what visitors are interested in. You need a website developed for your business, which would allow content to be easily added or edited as you may require. Your website should also allow additional functionality to be installed and setup as needed.